Poker Omaha Play Guide for Beginners

Basically, for decades, many people have played various types of poker games. If you have been playing poker for a very long time but have become a little bored with the same games then there is good news for you.

Namely a card game called Omaha which you must try to play. If you are familiar with the game of poker then take it easy because the Omaha card game is not too different from poker. From strategy to game rules.

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Maybe many of you rarely hear what Omaha is, because this card game is not as popular as Poker, which has many fans. But there is nothing wrong if you try to play Omaha if you are familiar with the game of Poker.

Imagine if in a poker game you will usually be given 2 cards by the dealer, but in Omaha you will be given 4 cards by the dealer. And you have to use 2 of 4 cards to be able to win in the Omaha game, yep only use 2 cards, neither 1 nor 3 cards.

Here’s the explanation:

1 Difference between Poker and Omaha

Each player will be given 4 cards directly by the dealer, and must use these 2 cards to be able to get the best hand.

2. How to win the game

Omaha is a card-type gambling game that is usually played by 2 to 10 players on 1 table. In each game there are 2 ways to win the bet. Namely the first if all players “fold” or return their cards to a dealer other than you, and the second if you have the best hand among other players.

3. Distribution of Cards

In distributing cards to players, usually the dealer will start dealing cards from the left and so on in a clockwise direction. The distribution of cards to players starts one by one until all players get 4 cards equally.

4. Start the Game

After all the players have received 4 equal cards, they are required to cover the cards so that the next player cannot see the cards in the other players. Then each player will be given time to carry out the action which consists of “Fold”, “Call”, “Raise”.

5. Start placing bets

After all the players have received their 4 cards, the players are allowed to do the action starting from the player to the left of the dealer. If all the players have finished choosing what they want to do, the dealer will place the first 3 cards on the table.
And the player to the left of the dealer must choose the action again, until 5 cards have been arranged on the table.

6. Determine the winner

If all players have finished their bets and the dealer has placed 5 cards in the middle of the table, the players who are still holding the cards must show what they hold to determine who is the winner.
Examples of cards that are considered to be winning in the game:
The cards on the table consist of 2? J? Q? K? A?
and the first player holds 10? 9? 9? 2?
while the second player holds 10? 2? 3? 4?
Then the winner is the first player because he uses 2 cards in his hand to get a “straight” result with the card on the table with the hand being 9? 10? J? Q? K? .

How interesting isn’t it? indeed playing Omaha is a little difficult because the rules used are also a little different than in Poker. But that doesn’t mean those who are accustomed to playing poker cannot play Omaha, the possibility to understand and understand quickly is a player of the same type of card game.

Maybe those of you who have played thousands of games in poker will realize that the usual winning cards are dominated by “Pair” or “Double Pair” cards. In Omaha the 2 more cards you use when playing, will give you a greater chance of getting the dominant hand to win at Poker.