Learn Playing Blackjack to Win More

In card gambling games such as Blackjack or as there is such a thing as winning and losing, where all gamblers will look for ways or tips that guarantee victory. Starting from playing tricks or strategies to reduce the percentage of losses.

Of course, playing gambling will not be separated between winning and losing, starting from the dealer or player. In the Blakcjack game a Player has a bigger win than the dealer because the rules in the game are very beneficial for the player.

That’s why so many gamblers / players try to play card games like Blackjack because it’s so easy to win a lot without big losses. But like other gambling games, players / gamblers must be able to take risks to get multiple profits.

Unlike card gambling games in general, the smallest winnings in playing Blackjack can be 1 to 1 or win by the number of bets that the player places. So, for example, if you only put in Rp. 1000, then later you will get Rp. 1000 if you win. If you look at it you can really win a very small amount if you only place small bets.

That’s why many players / gamblers take risks by multiplying the wins they get until they get bigger.

Suppose you place a betting capital of Rp. 1000 and win, then your bet capital will be Rp. 2,000 then in the next game you place Rp. 2,000 and so on. If you win continuously, it won’t be wrong if you can go home with a large number of wins

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But of course, winning in gambling is not an absolute thing or we can manage, there are times when defeat is something that cannot be avoided.

Therefore we will provide tips for playing blackjack that are guaranteed to win continuously without mercy, which is guaranteed to make you interested and win in large numbers.

Here’s the conclusion:

1. Learn the Basic Rules for Playing Blakcjack

Previously, have you ever played card gambling like Poker Holdem or the popular Super 10? If you have, it won’t be difficult for you to try playing Blackjack.
The basic rule of playing Blackjack is being able to find out the Value (Value) on the card. If you still don’t understand the Value (Value) has the same value as the Super 10 game, the only difference is the Value in the ace card.

The value in question is the King Card such as King, Queen, Jack, and 10 have a value of 10. For 2 to 9 have the same value as the number on the card, and for the US it has a Value of 11 or 1 depending with the situation.
In this brief discussion, it can be concluded that you should be able to know the basic rules of playing Blackjack so you don’t get dizzy or confused when you are playing Blackjack.

2. Know the Basic Strategy in Playing Blackjack

If you already understand basic rules, what you should look for is a strategy for playing Blackjack. Have you watched videos or just read articles about the game of Blackjack? surely you will see how players / gamblers play carefully and always see the bookie card as their main benchmark in looking for victory.

Yep, that’s one of the basic strategies in playing Blackjack, using the Bandar open card is your basis for placing bets.
For example: If the open card has a dealer between 2 and 7 then there is nothing wrong with you sticking with the cards you have without adding cards. Because as you know, the dealer (dealer) has to add his cards if the number of cards he has is 16 or less, the possibility of the dealer ‘s card value being more than 22.

This method is often used because it is very easy to guarantee victory.
Another example: If the open card belonging to the airport is the US, 9, or 10. Then it is highly recommended to add to the card until the total card value in the hand ranges from 18 to 20. Because the probability of the dealer to get a card value with a large amount is very high.