How to Calculate Sbobet’s Mix Parlay Losing Half

Judi Bola – Playing gambling is currently experiencing progress in direct proportion to technological advances. We can carry out online / online gambling activities that provide various kinds of facilities that are already available to support the convenience of the public in making bets in cyberspace. One of the activities that is mostly carried out is mix parlay soccer gambling on the sbobet platform which is most often and widely played.

How to Calculate Sbobet’s Mix Parlay Losing Half

Lots of bettors are still confused about calculating the mix parlay to lose half. Sometimes Bettor cursed, how come you only got this much? very little, even though I only lost half one, but the mix parlay jackpot was not as expected. You need to know that losing half is a different count compared to winning full, winning half or 1 match there is a draw.

Many bettors are wrong in calculating the mix parlay to lose this half. Therefore, the admin provides a way to calculate the correct mix parlay, so that the bettor does not have bad prejudice against a trusted sbobet gambling site. Let’s just look at the calculation method below.

How to Calculate Mix Parlay Losing Half

In calculating the Sbobet mix parlay that loses half, the odds are 0.50. We take an example of installing this mix parlay gambling as follows:

1. (Lose Half) Persjia vs Persib hdp -0.25 original odds 1.88 => 0.50
2. (Win) Genoa vs As Roma over 3 odds 2.17
3. (win) Newcastle 1 x 2, pick 1 odds 6.20
4. We place a bet of 500 thousand

The results you will get are as follows (0.50 x 2.17 x 6.20) x 500 thousand = 6.72 x 500 = 3.363. Then the result of losing half that we get is Rp. 3,363,000. It is very different, not if we win in full, which will get a payment of (1.88 x 2.17 x 6.20) x 500 thousand = 25,293 x 500 = 12,646 or the value of Rp. 12,646,000.

Almost we only get a quarter of the value if we win the full sbobet mix parlay. If there is more than one, the result is that the less we get, we can even lose a little.

Play Mix Parlay on a Trusted Sbobet Agent Site

Above is the calculation of the sbobet mix parlay gambling if you experience a half loss. Easy right? For calculations with more matches, we just need to add the multiplication of the odds according to the bet list on the trusted sbobet agent site.

Thus the article from the admin, hopefully it can add to your insight in playing mix parlay gambling. Enjoy playing at Trusted Sbobet Agent and greetings hockey.